Pink dip dye hair

Everybody’s going crazy with dip dye hair lately and I have to confess I’m starting to feel the influence of it as well.. I already dyed my hair pink in the past, but it was different. My hair was short and completely pink – like this. Now I’m thinking about dyeing just the tips (basically as everybody’s doing /: ) and I noticed the buzz is all about color bug by Kevin Murphy. Except the fact  that you can’t find it in Italy, what do you think about all this? The result looks a bit dry to me (and honestly, kind of dirty as well..). Would you do it? Have you already done it? Suggestions please!! (: Continue reading

Edun Beautiful Rebels

I thought this first Edun campaign was worth sharing. I was struck by both concept and realization. Now I want a photo of myself among thousands of butterflies!

Appena l’ho vista ho subito pensato di dover condividere con voi la prima campagna di Edun. Sono rimasta molto colpita sia dal concept che dalla realizzazione, e adesso voglio anch’io una foto tra migliaia di farfalle! ): Continue reading

Fireworks and Stripes

Have you taken a look at MSGM Fall Winter collection? Among roses and pied-de-poule, lots of fireworks are springing up. What do you think about them matching with stripes? I’m not really convinced yet.. But I do love the total look!

Avete dato un’occhiata alla collezione Autunno Inverno di MSGM? Tra rose e pied-de-poule fanno capolino moltissimi fuochi d’artificio, indossati in un singolare abbinamento con strisce bianche e nere. Trovo l’abito semplicemente bellissimo, ma non so ancora cosa pensare dell’accostamento gonna-maglione.. Continue reading