We are talking drama here. This amazing long dress was patiently created by Giulia, crossing and sewing each fringe one after the other. It makes me think about the beautiful Alexander McQueen dress that we’ve also seen in the campaign (and if this is not a great comparison then tell me what is). I know you think you’ve seen a wonderful garment already, but wait to judge until you’ve seen the back! (; I wouldn’t show you something I don’t believe in, this girl has got talent, her manual skills and precision are astonishing. Continue reading

Giulia Cirinà

Here is the second post of the New Designers section. Meet Giulia! I am showing you one more jacket and this time the inspiration comes from Versace. You can judge Giulia’s ability yourself by looking at the finishes in this close-up, I think she’s absolutely amazing. I’ll be uploading some dresses photos soon, so stay tuned! (; Continue reading